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As the creators of popular hyper-local news website WeLoveDexter.com, we’re proud to unveil our next creation: We Love Ann Arbor.

When we launched We Love Dexter in its current form in November of 2014, we didn’t know what to expect. It ended up being a wild ride with a few bumps in the road, but as we get closer to 4,000 Dexter followers on Facebook (the population of the city of Dexter was 4,067 as of the 2010 Census) we feel good about the three years we’ve been publishing online for residents of the Dexter area.

Our game plan isn’t all that complicated: laser focus on the city of Ann Arbor and all relevant pieces that comprise the community whole including the government bodies, schools, arts, businesses, and U of M (of course), while practicing objective professional journalism with a tempered sense of fairness, a healthy dose of skepticism, and absolutely zero agendas.

“We’re excited to begin journalistically exploring the Ann Arbor community for those who wish to read about it either as a hometown, a college town, or as just plain old home right now,” said WLAA Content and Community Manager Sean Dalton, who serves the same role for WeLoveDexter.com and is the co-founder for both publications.

“We promise Ann Arbor residents that we will strive for high quality small town-style news coverage that will strengthen the Ann Arbor community as newspapers of old once did before the rise of the Internet. This was accomplished simply by giving residents an information platform that amplified their voice, showed them their community’s reflection, and fostered interpersonal relationships that act as intangible threads which keep us all connected.

“While print newspapers as we know them will eventually be gone, those threads are still the most important part of the community concept, and community is what makes Ann Arbor and the surrounding Washtenaw cities of Chelsea, Dexter, Saline and Ypsilanti such unique and special places that are truly unlike most other locales in our state.”

Dalton brings with him former Heritage Newspapers colleague Terry Jacoby, a multi-award winning writer, columnist, photographer and designer with more than 25 years of experience in journalism. As an editor at Heritage, Jacoby has won numerous Newspaper of the Year Awards and most types of writing awards from various top Michigan journalism associations including the Michigan Press Association.

“My main goal is to get the sports programs and the kids participating in them the exposure and support that they deserve,” Jacoby said. “Young athletes are high achievers with great stories that I’m very much looking forward to sharing with our readers.”

Local sports will be a major focus of WeLoveAnnArbor.com particularly as we get started as a publication. In the coming weeks, we will slowly expand our coverage of government, business, and the arts as we progress through this soft-launch period for our newest local media platform which we intend to one day soon be Ann Arbor’s number one online resources for community news, sports, and more.

If there’s news you would like to see on WeLoveAnnArbor.com contact Content and Community Manager Sean Dalton at seandalton@weloveannarbor.com.

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