A Midwestern Night’s Dream: Why Lucky Boys Confusion and Fall Out Boy should Tour Together

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With the music industry changing so frequently, it is rare that bands can have staying power that could affect mutilple generations, two bands that have found long-term success and have become legends throughout the Midwest are Lucky Boys Confusion and Fall Out Boy. To envision the two of these bands doing a tour together could be something that could turn the music scene upside down and is a rumor that has started to circulate throughout the Internet. If this were to happen, there are many reasons why this would be a success.

Both hailing from Chicago, Lucky Boys Confusion and Fall Out Boy have had an array of success that has travelled different roads. Commercially, Fall Out Boy has succeeded more than most bands in recent history. Forming in 2001 and with a number of solo projects along the way, the group come back together in 2009 after a hiatus. On September 15 of this year, the album “Mania” will hit stores and this is something their fans been waiting for with baited breath.

Brian Larson a longtime Fall Out Boy fan stated, “Infinity on High” helped get me through law school, “Mania” will help me get through tough times in my career as a lawyer!!!”

Fall Out Boy has been a stellar commercial success. On the other hand, Lucky Boys Confusion has been a band with a strong cult-like following that has often slid under the radar of the pop charts until their newest release “Stormchasers”.

“Stormchasers” has been an instant success for the band that has found a following for over 2 decades. Their current single “Burn a Little Brighter” has been lured older fans back in and opened up a number of new listeners that may lead to commercial success that will rival any band out there. Jason Larson, a lifelong Lucky Boys Confusion fan stated, “The new album shows just how much we have all changed. When we hear “Fred Astaire” (the signature hit for the band) we are brought back to our college days, when we listen to a track such as “Burn a Little Brighter”, both my son and daughter are excited and cannot believe this was a band that I listened to in my youth. There is no question that Lucky Boys Confusion has spanned generations.”

The irony of both Lucky Boys Confusion and Fall Out Boy having new releases is around the same time is a rarity. Both bands have strong Chicago roots and have left an impact on towns such as Ann Arbor, Michigan and across the country. As Greg Themis, an Ann Arbor resident that grew up in Chicago, Illinois stated, “If somehow Fall Out Boy and Lucky Boys Confusion came together for a tour, it would truly be a dream come true. These are two bands from the same area that have stood the test of time and like fine wine have gotten better with age. This would be a concert that would be a must see.”

To learn more about Fall Out Boy and their new album visit their website at: https://falloutboy.com/. To hear a sampling of “Stormchasers” and see what Lucky Boys Confusion is up too, their website is: https://www.luckyboysconfusion.net.

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