New Idling ordinance goes into effect July 1


On July 1, 2017, a new idling ordinance will go into effect in the city of Ann Arbor. Passed by City Council this past fall, the ordinance will limit commercial vehicle idling throughout the city and passenger vehicle idling in signed “no idling” zones.

  • Commercial vehicles: 5-minute idling limit citywide, and no idling while vehicles are unoccupied.
  • Non-commercial vehicles: 5-minute idling limit in signed “no idling” zones, and no idling while vehicles are unoccupied.

Residents and visitors can do their part by:

  1. Turning your engine off. Whether you’re picking up your child from school or using the ATM, turn off your engine if you’re stopped for longer than 10 seconds.
  2. Reducing warm-up idling. Experts agree modern engines require only a short idle period after engine start — even in very cold temperatures. Driving slowly for the first mile or two is the best way for the car to warm up. Long idling periods can harm your engine and waste gas.
  3. Spreading the word. Most people idle out of habit. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to help protect children’s health, the environment and to save money by turning off their vehicles.

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