Next Generation Veterans Find Voice In Celebration Speaker Cassie Michael’s Speech

Cpl. Cassie Michael used this year's Memorial Day celebration in Dexter to highlight the need for American society to broaden its understanding of veterans and their needs in the modern era.

While local Memorial Day celebrations typically make one think of older veterans from World War 2 and subsequent wars in Korea and Vietnam, there has been a strong effort in recent years to bring more visibility to the needs of current and next generation veterans who have served in recent Middle Eastern conflicts or are still serving in them right now.

This particular holiday’s most impactful feature comes in the form of local celebrations like Dexter’s yearly Memorial Day parade and post-parade honor ceremony. As mentioned, community events like this are driven by older age groups which encompasses veterans from older wars.

Being aware of this fact, veterans in Dexter have been making efforts to include people like Cpl. Cassie Michael in community events tied to the holiday, in order to make those newer generations of veterans visible.

Michael took advantage of the opportunity to the fullest to open up her heart and let her emotions come into the light of day while articulating the unique needs of today’s veterans or soon-to-be veterans, which is captured entirely in the above embedded video that we highly encourage our readers to watch.

While this is technically something that happened in Dexter, I am publishing it on all of our websites because the message that Michael delivers is universal. Whether you agree with a particular war, or war in general, it’s important to recognize the importance and significance of the sacrifice that the men and women who join our country’s armed services make in doing so.

The men and women who choose to make this sacrifice need our recognition and support, and we as a society need to demand that our politicians both left and right do a better job of taking care of them both during and after their time of service.

If you haven’t watched the video of Ms. Michael’s five minute speech by the reading of this paragraph, I would encourage you to do so at this time, as I don’t think paraphrasing or transcribing it in an article would do it justice.

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