A2 Street Fair: Artist creates Big House hide and seek


Shane Anderson from Minnesota traveled to Ann Arbor with some very unique pieces and a couple very local pieces.

One piece drawing plenty of attention on opening night on Thursday was his Big House picture. The creative take on the famous Michigan football stadium included 18 iconic images as part of the painting.

“Art has played a major role in my life for as long as I remember,” said Anderson, whose web site is www.shaneandersonart.com. “When I was in middle school I started doodling cartoons on my notebook covers. I would fill those with fun expressive faces. As I would run out of space on my makeshift canvas I would start filling in the spaces with more faces. Since then my unique style has evolved into creative works of art.”

Hi art is colorful, vibrant, lively, filled with interesting details and above all, fun.

“I take bright colors and bold forms to create works of art that invite exploration and spark conversation,” he said. “They are a collection of characters, destinations and landmarks that as a whole depict a series of separate, but interconnected scenes.

“However, each of these individual figures and scenes in a painting portrays a small, specific facet of the overall experience. My art draws on both graphic illustrations and cartooning techniques while maintaining the level of expressiveness and rigor found in fine art painting.”

The shadowing, modeling and brush strokes are integrated with clean, sharp lines showing bold colors. These characteristics carry an urban quality. This technique creates a sense of narrative, separating individual characters in such a way that it makes them feel as if they are leaping off the canvas.

Check out the Big House picture and see if you can find the following:
State of Michigan outline
Stevie Wonder
Auto Industry
Monument to Joe Louis
Magic Johnson (forgive him for including an East Lansing figure)
Charles Lindbergh
Painted turtle
Jazz music
Sail Boat
Kellogg’s Cereal
Mackinac Bridge
Michigan nickname
Da Vinci Horse

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