Ann Arbor Primary Candidate Profile: David Silkworth, Ward 5


David Silkworth is running for City Council but he wants you to do all the work – meaning he wants to represent your interests first, second and last. His motto is quite clear: Our City. Our Future. Let’s Put People First.

“Our city is facing many important issues, and I will approach them proactively and responsibly,” says the lifelong progressive Democrat. “I believe that our democracy is strongest when we approach issues with a high degree of integrity and transparency.”

Silkworth, who moved to Ann Arbor in 1993 to attend U-M and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998, believes Ward 5 deserves better representation on the City Council.

“My opponent consistently votes in favor of large developments and against families and neighborhoods,” he said during candidate interview on CTN. “Last August my opponent voted against giving residents an opportunity to vote on how the library lot would be developed. In a vibrant democracy like ours, when thousands of people sign a petition demanding to be allowed to vote on an issue, I think the City Council should listen. Voters should have been allowed to cast their ballots to decide that issue.”

One thing is clear – Silkworth is ready to listen. And act.

“I will make providing valuable services and basic infrastructure a top priority,” he said on CTN.  “We can have a vibrant city but only if we correct our current zoning so that developments will maintain the charm and character of our downtown and protect the character and integrity of our neighborhoods.”

Diversity and inclusiveness also are on the top of his to-do list if elected. He believes one the city’s greatest strengths is how the community embraces diversity.

“I strongly support having a diverse community because I believe that we are all made stronger by being exposed to people of different sexual orientations, races, classes, languages, religions and cultures,” he says. “The ability to be inclusive strengthens not only individuals, but entire communities. Being inclusive is more than just accepting differences. It requires the effort and work inherent in respecting and understanding differences and it allows an open forum for developing solutions to conflicts and problems while respecting everyone’s values.”

He added that he will not waiver on finding viable solutions that are inclusive.

Silkworth, who served in the US Navy and the Navy Reserve, will encourage broad public engagement and involvement in the legislative process on important pieces of legislation.

“I believe that we need to institute a comprehensive communications program that will ensure that all of our residents receive either electronic or written communications regularly from council that clearly explains the important issues facing our community,” he says. “I promise to listen to residents’ concerns, and I will always take your concerns to council.  I will promote an atmosphere of openness and responsiveness to city government.”

Silkworth, a claims representative for an insurance company, ran for a Ward 5 seat as an independent in 2016, but lost to incumbent Democrat Chuck Warpehoski. This year he is running in the Aug. 8 Democratic primary against incumbent Chip Smith.


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