Ann Arbor Primary Candidate Profile: Jaime Magiera, Ward 4


Jaime Magiera promises voters to bring his “organizational and critical thinking skills” that he has developed over an eclectic professional background involving music, art, politics, technology, and broadcast.

He currently works as a system administrator at U of M and is a regular presence on WCBN 88.3 FM’s program “Interactive Technologies,” a science and technology show. He’s also taught computer programming and Eastern Michigan University and helped start an Internet radio station at Washtenaw Community College.

Since becoming “politically aware” as a child, Magiera has joined the Ecology Center and the Sierra Club, as well as working for Greenpeace in the 90s out of that organization’s local office.

Most recently he’s vice president of the People’s Food Co-op board of directors and is a member of the executive board of the Ann Arbor Democrats.

“In both organizations, I’ve worked to improve their responsiveness, their efficiency and their transparency,” he said. “In those organizations I’ve highlighted my ability to collect feedback from across the spectrum and to create a plan that respects and listens to that feedback. When I’ve moved from plan to action, I’ve always done so with an ethic of transparency and a focus on efficiency.”

Watch Jaime Magiera’s full public pitch produced and broadcast by Community Television Network.

Magiera said he’d like to see council address service concerns, such as improving trash pickup, recycling, and snow plowing.

He was also one of many candidates who promised to improve the situation with availability of affordable housing in the city. Safe streets and sidewalks go hand-in-hand with housing, and as such that was the next priority he promised to push on for improvement.

The 27-year Ann Arbor resident indicated that he would like to breathe clean air and drink safe water for another 27 years in the city, so environmental concerns; particularly the dioxin plume beneath the city, are also on his radar.

“I’d like to make sure that Ann Arbor continues to be a welcoming and inclusive community,” Magiera concluded his remarks. “We have many issues ahead and none of them have easy fixes. I’d like to bring more ideas and more options to the table to address those now and into the future.”

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