Ann Arbor Seeks Countywide Input On Hazard Mitigation Plan


With more than 100,000 residents and a major university, it’s critical that Ann Arbor stay on top of hazard mitigation planning as often as possible and a big part of that is keeping an up-to-date plan.

Until September 3, people from within the whole county can take the survey in which residents from Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Manchester, and Ypsilanti are also taken into consideration. The survey can be started at the following link.

If you’re wondering what exactly is covered in a hazard mitigation plan, you can take a look at the city’s standing plan. It was last updated in 2012 and can be found at the following link. It’s much more comprehensive than just how to deal with a tornado or fire, and the city goes through this update process every five years.

Since the creation of the last iteration of the city’s hazard mitigation plan in 2012 there are more potential threats to public safety and security than ever, such as cyberterrorism and nuclear-armed maniacs, to name a couple.

Ultimately the goal of the plan is “to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters,” as FEMA puts it. The feds also call for “comprehensive” hazard mitigation planning with a focus on evaluating a municipalities vulnerabilities and developing strategies for keeping people alive and safe should something happen that is not only devastating but also hits at one of those vulnerabilities.

Some of the things to consider when taking the survey include ideas regarding education and awareness efforts, potential partnerships between government and private organizations, where resources would best be allocated in an emergency, and how best to communicate with the public in the event of a disaster.

“The information you provide will help us better understand your hazard concerns and help us identify mitigation activities that should help lessen the impact of future hazard events, including the impacts of climate change and variability,” said Rick Norman, Ann Arbor director of emergency management.

Those concerned about privacy can rest assured that the information collected via the digital surveys will be kept confidential.

Those with questions can contact Ann Stevens (Stantec), planning consultant for the project, at 734-214-1863 or by email at

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