CTN program schedule for week of Feb. 4


Comcast Channel 16 & AT&T U-verse Channel 99

LIVE City Council Meeting, Monday, 2/5 at 7pm

LIVE Planning Commission Meeting, Tuesday, 2/6 at 7pm

LIVE Cable Communications Commission Meeting, Wednesday, 2/7 at 3pm

LIVE Human Rights Commission Meeting, Wednesday, 2/7 at 7pm

LIVE Historic District Commission Meeting, Thursday, 2/8 at 7pm

NEW Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Meetings from 2/6/18 & 2/7/18, Saturday, 2/10 at 3pm

Meeting agendas are available online  http://a2gov.legistar.com/

Comcast Channel 17

The 2017 Philo Festival of Media Arts Award Ceremony, Monday, 2/5 at 9 PM

Life Matters Empowerment, This video gives people tools to use to improve their lives, Tuesday, 2/6 at 7 PM

Comcast Channel 18

Saturday Morning Physics, The Machinery of Big Data Science, Sunday, 2/4 at 12 PM

AAPS Superintendent’s Report: January 2018 #1, Monday, 2/5 at 6 PM

Board of Education Recognition and Appreciation, Monday, 2/5 at 6:30 PM

UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Viral Threats to Humankind: Antivirals and Lessons Learned from Interferons, Thursday, 2/8 at 7 PM

The Drexel InterView, Edward G. Rendell with Richardson Dilworth, The former Philadelphia mayor & Pennsylvania governor and the political scientist/historian pay tribute to the 125th Anniversary of Drexel University by discussing the influence of government personality and policy on industry, economy, urban demographic trends and, even the role of popular sports and labor unions, Friday, 2/9 at 8 PM

Comcast Channel 19

Chef’s Table Series –  Executive Chef JJ Lundrigan from the Iron Furnace and co-host Joe Murphy demonstrate how to make a Grilled Espresso Rubbed Ribeye. Samuel Hess discusses the wine pairing with co-host Carol O’Connor, a new wine called Wrongo Dongo. Sunday, 2/4 at 11am

FYI – Interview with Photographer Janice Milhem on her books Dogs of Ann Arbor’s Old West Side & Dogs of Ann Arbor’s Water Hill & Beyond; Army / Navy Wheelchair Basketball; Neutral Zone’s DIY Event. Sunday, 2/4 at 6pm

Saline @ Pioneer Men’s Basketball from 2/2/18, Monday, 2/5 at 8pm

The Vegan Roadie – Join host Dustin Harder in Portland, OR., the vegan’s playground! Tasty bites abound with visits to Homegrown Smoker, Papa G’s Deli, Voodoo Doughnuts, Portobella’s Vegan Trattoria, Heidi Ho Headquarters, Bridgeport Brewery and Portland’s vegan mini mall featuring the first vegan grocery store Food Fight! Tuesday, 2/6 at 7pm

Perils for Pedestrians – Children bike to school at Mesilla Elementary in Las Cruces, NM; The Safe Routes to School Coalition; An interview with the president of a local Volkssport club. Wedsnesday, 2/7 at 5:30pm

Jeff Jam Sing Song Show – Songs celebrating Valentine’s Day Wednesday, 2/7 at 4pm

Senior Moments, Bob Holmes, a photographer who has travelled many foreign countries and photographed people, culture and architecture, Sunday, Feb 4 at 5 pm.



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