Crew: Local athletes row excellent times at Hungry Eagle Sprints  


Skyline Crew hosted the “Hungry Eagle Sprints” last Saturday. The popular indoor rowing competition attracted competitors from three states and many age groups including middle school and high school rowers.

The different categories included Middle School Boys, Middle School Girls, Masters Mix along with High School (HS) categories Varsity and JV divisions including different weight divisions.

The high school races are the same distance at 2000 meters. The only different distances are the Middle School and Coxswain races which are 1000 meters.

The local participants rowed to some pretty impressive times during the day-long event.

In the middle school boys division, Garbriel Raux was first in 3:48.8, Soren Newman-Taylor second (3:51.6), Habib Shakour third (4:06), Adam Wood fourth (4:19), and Joshua Ost fifth (5:21). All rowers are members of the Washtenaw Rowing Center.

In the middle school girls division, Tayla Castell was second (4:22.0), Ella Folkedahl was third (4:33.2), Madison Ost fourth (4:34.2), Halle Rochman fifth (4:34.7) and Mathilde Saborio sixth (4:34.3). All of these rowers are members of the Washtenaw Rowing Center. Macy Neal finished first in 4:17.8.

In the high school men’s division, Huron’s Adam Campain was first in 6:23.3 and teammate Orrie Page was second in 6:32.8. Skyline’s Justin Stone rowed 12th with a time of 6:56.

In the high school women’s division, Skyline’s Ahava Kopald was first in 7:35.1. Teammate Andi Kraeke was third (7:58.4).

In the high school JV men, Skyline had a very strong showing with Ben Rinvelt in first (6:40.2), Brenan Dionne in third (6:55.4), Vaugh Lahousse in fifth (6:57.6) and Paul Middleton seventh (7:05.6). Also for Skyline, Oliver Wang was 12th (7:23) and Tenzin Toon was 14th (7:23.9). Huron rowers also had a strong showing with Graham Myers eighth (7:12.1), Jason Wing ninth (7:16.2) and Nicholas Zochowski 11th (7:19.1).

The Skyline JV girls also were impressive as Angela Dean was second (7:51.6), Sarah Okeke fourth (8:06), Olivia Barr fifth (8:07.5) and Sloan Keating sixth (8:33). Huron JV girls had strong rows from Frances Beedon (8:41.4) and Sarah Wamsteker (8:43.4).

In the HS Men 151-160 pounds, Skyline’s Matthew Nguyen was third (7:04.5), Matthew DeBacker was fourth (7:09.1), Tej Bergin fifth (7:11.3) and Brad Libs eighth (7:27.4).

In the HS Women 126-135 pounds, Skyline’s Rachel Howell was second (8:13.6), Sara Soluk fourth (8:17) and Natalia Portales sixth (8:26.4).

In the HS Men 141-150 pounds, Skyline took the top three spots with Nolan Force first (7:17.1), Jacob Carroll second (7:17.8) and Ethan Wright third (7:19.8). Skyline’s Robert Blackburn was 10th (7:41.5) and Kethan Thomas was 11th (7:42.4).

In the HS Women 125 pounds and under, Skyline’s Helen Ross took first in 8:18.4 with teammate Amanda Mancuso third (8:25.8), Anna Rinvelt fifth (8:34.5) and Ellen Koselka seventh (8:43.2). Huron’s Elizabeth Wright was eighth (9:29.6).

In the HS Men 140 pounds and under, Skyline’s Cooper Schrag was fourth (7:30.7), Alfred Bruno Herbst fifth (7:30.9), Ethan Seeling sixth (7:31.8), Gavin LaHousse eighth (7:37.6) and Owen Derry ninth (7:38.2).

In the HS Women novice, Skyline took six of the top eight spots with Anneka Hallstrom first (7:40.1), Ella Faris second (7:51.3), Kellen Black fourth (8:12.8), Lilly Stevens fifth (8:16.2), Olivia Hansen sixth (8:37.1) and Lauren Sloan eighth (8:46.1). Huron’s Anoushka Idlani was ninth in 8:53.6.

In the HS Men novice, Skyline’s Ethan Gibb-Randall was second (7:15.6), Jaden Champion was fourth (7:28.7), Grayson Schultz sixth (7:35.9), Jack Long 11th (7:55.1) and Preston Bell 13th (8:03.2).

In the HS Women freshmen, Huron’s Haley Campain was champion with a time of 7:56.6 with teammates Claire Miech sixth (8:17.9), Susan Lintott ninth (8:24.6) and Allison Perez-Bermudez 15th (9:02.2). Skyline’s Caroline Plotner was second (7:58.7), Audrey Corriere was fifth (8:10.5), Skye Ridha was 10th (8:25.8), Fiona Riorda was 11th (8:37.8) and Amanda Bacon 13th (8:44.7).

In HS Men Freshman, Skyline’s Peter Nemecek placed first with a time of 6:56.8. Skyline’s Rasheed Alwan was fourth (7:19.6), Jack Wang was 15th (7:54.9) and Kian Bukowski was 16th (7:55.9). Huron’s Matthew Yeh was 10th (8:11.9).

In HS Women Coxswain, Skyline’s Annaliese Elftman was fourth (4:40.5) and Huron’s Samantha Chan was sixth (5:11.6).

In HS Men Coxswain, Skyline’s Cameron Kish was third (4:25.0).

Skyline’s HS women’s relay was first in 7:13.6. Huron’s relay was sixth in 7:44.1.

Skyline’s HS men’s relay team was first in 6:03. Huron was fifth in 6:18.

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