Play with the pros: Volvik LPGA tees up sign-up sheet for Pro-Am


On the Volvik LPGA championship web site, there is a clocking ticking down to the first tee shot of the 2018 Memorial Day weekend tournament at Travis Pointe Country Club. There is just 74 days left until opening day and the clock isn’t going to stop until that first ball is struck on the first tee that first day.

The clock also is ticking on the time to sign up for one of sport’s rarest opportunities. What other sport lets you play a round with a professional athlete? Can you run up and down the court with LeBron James? No. Can you throw pitches to Mike Trout? No. Can you catch a pass from Tom Brady? Not unless you are on the New England Patriots roster.

The Official Pro-Am is not only a chance to meet and talk with some of the best female golfers in the world but an opportunity to play a round of golf and test your skills against professional golfers.

The LPGA Official Pro-Am kicks off Tuesday, May 22 of Tournament Week with a festive Pairings Party at Michigan Stadium. Then play 18 holes of golf alongside LPGA professionals in a fun and relaxed atmosphere on the Championship Course at Travis Pointe Country Club on Wednesday, May 23.

Spots are limited for this unique opportunity. Below are some of the packages and what they include for the official 2018 Volvik Championship Pro-Am at Travis Pointe.



  • 4 Playing spots in the Wednesday Official Pro-Am
  • 4 Pro-Am player gift packages (a $700 value per participant)
  • 8 Tickets to the Tuesday evening Pairings Party
  • 8 Weeklong Clubhouse tickets (Mon – Sun)
  • 4 Pro-Am participant parking passes (Wednesday)
  • 4 Weeklong Spectator Lot parking passes (Mon – Sun)


  • 1 Playing spot in the Wednesday Official Pro-Am
  • 1 Pro-Am player gift package (a $700 value)
  • 2 Tickets to the Tuesday evening Pairings Party
  • 2 Weeklong Clubhouse tickets (Mon – Sun)
  • 1 Pro-Am participant parking pass (Wednesday)
  • 1 Weeklong Spectator Lot parking pass (Mon – Sun)


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