Opinion: Eagles will quickly gain perspective on what they accomplished this season


Let’s talk about perspective, because that’s what it all comes down. Growing up is about growing up. It’s about maturing, understanding, preparing.

It’s hard for teenagers to understand but according to the clock on the wall, you are only a teenager for seven years – a blink of the eye of hopefully a long and rewarding life.

So, perspective.

As Ryan Wade’s final shot bounced off the backboard and the clock on the wall in the gym hit zero, the Skyline boys’ basketball team experienced defeat for the first time this season on Wednesday night. And the way they handled that moment showed another side of victory in the long line of victories this season for the Eagles.

Of course, there was shock and disappointment. And we won’t bore you with the bios of each player – they are all quite familiar to us by now. Winning 23 games in a row gets you some attention, deservedly so in this case.

Senior Jack Ammerman stood all alone for a few moments, not knowing exactly what to do. His hands dropped to his knees and he may have dropped his head for a moment, but just a moment. And at that moment, there was disappointment on his face.

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DeSean Munson, a junior, brought his jersey to his face and then finally off for the last time this season.

Senior Brandon Wade crouched to the floor, putting his head down as Novi players celebrated only a few feet away. His father, assistant coach Keith Wade, would walk a few steps to his son and offer what comfort he could.

Losing was an unfamiliar place for these Eagles. But they handled it well, quickly putting on a brave and respectful face to show their respect to Novi by shaking their hands after an incredible high school basketball game played at the highest level.

Ammerman and Brandon Wade, the senior leaders of this team, will tell you they are disappointed because they didn’t accomplish their goal of winning it all. First of all, few teams set out in November with the goal of winning it all. It takes a special group to even put that on their to-do list. But that was the goal and they came up short – that’s what is burning in their hearts at the moment.

SEE VIDEO OF THE FINAL SECONDS: https://weloveannarbor.com/2018/03/14/video-the-final-seconds-of-skylines-loss-to-novi-in-regional-final/

But, perspective will soon begin to dribble up the court. And these guys are pretty smart, young men. It’s not going to take weeks or months for them to realize what they’ve accomplished this season, as not only basketball players but maturing, growing adults.

The loss to Novi will begin to fade – oh, it will never totally fade away because playing “what if” is the game of human nature.

But at some point soon the wins over Pioneer and Huron and Belleville will return to the big picture. As will the SEC title and the District title. And 23 wins in a row – that’s clearly something to remember, appreciate and cherish.

One game doesn’t define a season. What will define this basketball team is how hard they worked, how they respected and cared for one another, how when one fell the other would pick them up, how they won all those games and how they lost the one – with class and dignity. It’s all about perspective and in that arena the Eagles are clearly champions.


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