Kendall Academy of Golf tees up development program for young golfers


Golf experts will tell you that the best instruction is one-on-one. And that’s true most of the time. But for young golfers, learning in a group has its advantages and gaining advantages could be the difference between making the cut or going home or making the team or going home.

“It’s like someone asking for directions,” says Dave Kendall, founder of Kendall Academy of Golf at Miles of Golf, in Ann Arbor. “We are here on Carpenter Road, but where are you coming from will dictate the best directions for you.”

In other words, everyone is coming from a different direction when it comes to the golf swing.

The Kendall Academy’s Elite Junior Development Program, run by PGA Director of Instruction Jim Yuhas (left), is designed to help competitive junior golfers take their games to new levels. It’s all about giving directions to individuals but in a group setting – think of it as they are all in a van going to the same place but are sitting in different seats.

The group is mostly for high school players but some middle school players also participate in the program. “This is mostly for kids who aspire to play high school golf,” Kendall says.

The program is designed to not only get better on the driving range and putting green but to take those skills and apply them out on the golf course.

“We take 8-10 kids who meet three times a week for two hours,” says Kendall. “They practice together and there are a lot of positives about practicing together. The idea of ‘why did you tell him this but you tell me that’ is a great question. And they get to see the logic of why that is. They get to see how everyone’s swing is different. Golfers aren’t all coming from the same place.”

Yuhas has put together an excellent coaching staff for the program which includes Kendall and Otto Black, a former student in the junior golf program and four-year starter at the University of Toledo, who will soon be joining the staff as will Henry Do, a former high state champion at Greenhills and former Michigan Amateur champion who went on to play at the University of North Carolina.

“There are certain things that apply to all of them and then there are things that apply to each one,” Kendall says. “Our coaches are pretty good at sorting all of that out and giving them first-rate individual instruction in a group setting.”

The group meets at the Kendall Academy of Golf on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and also play a round of golf on Sunday during the season.

In the practices, players focus on the following areas:

At the practice facilities:

  • Swing, short game and putting fundamentals and technique
  • Trackman analysis and practice
  • Drills and practice routines
  • Shot shaping and selection
  • Skill tests

On the golf course:

  • Game/course management
  • Competition skills
  • Strategy, pre-shot routines, visualization
  • Course preparation

Problem Solving

Dealing with Success and Adversity

In the classroom:

  • History of the game
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Tournament scheduling
  • Physical screen and assessment
  • Mental coaching
  • Goal setting

Full Membership In-Season Program Benefits: (April-October)

  • Minimum of 8 two-hour Practice sessions per month
  • Minimum of two 9-hole On-Course Coaching sessions per month (course fees not included*)
  • 1 60-minute Private Lesson with Team Coach per month

Anyone interested in the program should contact Jim Yuhas at or 734 973-9004 to apply for entry as spaces are limited.



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