Opinion: Dave Kendall is a better person than golfer – and he’s one heck of a golfer


Very few people can carry humble and confident around in the golf bag and be able to use both clubs equally well.

Dave Kendall is considered one of the best golf instructors, not only in Ann Arbor, but in the state of Michigan if not beyond. And it’s not a coincidence that he’s also considered a terrific person – the two traits are as important for a golf teacher as a good grip is to a good swing.

It’s also not a coincidence that every instructor at the Dave Kendall Academy of Golf possesses both an incredible knowledge of the game but a personality to match the guy running the show. Dave wants his instructors to be able to teach the great game of golf and help their students improve every time they step on the golf course or the tee box or the practice green.

He also wants his instructors to be friendly and personable.

In other words, he wants them to be just like him – even if he doesn’t think that way. It’s just the way it works out and that’s a good thing.

Taking a lesson from Dave is going to improve your golf game. There is no doubt about that. But the other benefit of learning from him is you get to spend some time with him. His enthusiasm is infectious. His demeanor and the way he interacts with people, whether they have a golf club in their hand or a diet soda, is worth the price of admission.

It would be worth $50 for a half hour just to sit down with him and talk about golf, family and life because when you were done you would probably grab your clubs out of the car and go hit balls for two hours. Kendall has had a great golf career, succeeding mostly after he turned 30, and would have you believing in five minutes that you too could be just as good as him.

Listening to him talk about golf, especially his own career, is a joy. He can be talking about how he kind of got lucky, kind of found his swing at the right time, kind of came along at the right time and then in an instant say, “well, I did work really hard at it.”

It’s sort of like he’s talking himself into believing how good a player he really was and still is to this day.

Dave does work really hard. He left a successful job up north to come down to Ann Arbor and open a golf academy. He put his name on the building and without knowing it at the time – or even now – created a brand. He built his business using his students as the pillars. One by one they came and succeeded and added to the foundation that today is simply one of the best golf academies in the country – if you don’t believe me, ask Golf Digest.

Just don’t ask Dave. Because he probably won’t admit right away to being one of the best in the country. Eventually, he will get around to saying how hard they work at it and are all pretty good at what they do.

He will pull humble and confident out of the bag at the same time and execute the perfect swing. One that is an ace on and off the golf course.

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