What’s on: CTN schedule for week of April 15


Comcast Channel 16 & AT&T U-verse Channel 99

LIVE City Council Meeting, Monday, 4/16 at 7pm

LIVE Planning Commission Meeting, Tuesday, 4/17 at 7pm

LIVE Commission on Disability Issues Meeting, Wednesday, 4/18 at 4pm

LIVE Transportation Authority Commission Meeting, Wednesday, 4/18 at 7pm

LIVE Building Board of Appeals Meeting, Thursday, 4/19 at 1:30pm

LIVE Public Market Advisory Commission Meeting, Thursday, 4/19 at 5:30pm

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority Meeting from 4/19, Saturday, 4/21 at 12pm

Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Meetings from 4/18 & 4/19, Saturday, 4/21 at 3pm

Meeting agendas are available online  http://a2gov.legistar.com/


Comcast Channel 17

Atheists Speak Up, Interview with Norm Cohen, Executive Director of NOCIRC of Michigan, Monday, 4/16 at 9 PM

Riprap: New Books, Host Jim Schaefer and Randal Baier discuss several new books, including a book of photography by Pete Souza, the official White House photographer for President Barack Obama. It has some very touching and meaningful images, including one where President Obama, who was African-American, allowed a young African-American boy to touch his hair and feel how similar they were to each other, Tuesday, 4/17 at 9 PM

Wicked Devices VII, Another lesson for the masses that showcases modern devices being used on people, Wednesday, 4/18 at 8 PM

Comcast Channel 18

AADL Presents, LWV Panel Discussion: A Carbon “Price Is Right”: Harnessing the Market to Drive Down Carbon Emissions, Sunday, 4/15 at 7:30 PM

UCTV: Health and Medicine, Cycling to Health: How Safe Is Your Cycle? How Safe Is Your Saddle?; Research on Aging: Spirituality and Healthy Aging; A Life in Medicine: People Shaping Healthcare Today: Dr. Talmadge King, Monday, 4/16 at 8 PM UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., 2018 Writer’s Symposium By the Sea: An Evening “On Being” with Krista Tippett, Tuesday, 4/17 at 7 PM

LIVE: Ann Arbor Board of Education, Wednesday, 4/18 at 7 PM

UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Perspectives on Ocean Science: California’s Wildfires and the HPWREN Camera Network, Thursday, 4/19 at 7 PM

UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Golda Meir Through a Feminist Lens, Monday, 4/16 at 7 PM

Comcast Channel 19

FYI – Interview with Mackenzie Maxwell on Ann Arbor’s Earth Day celebration; The Fool Moon red carpet event; Festifools. Sunday, 4/15 at 6pm

Cowboy Alex Storytime Show – Cowboy ALEX reads a scary story, jokes around with his puppet pal Baba Looey, and visits The Ranch Graveyard. Wednesday, 4/18 at 4:30pm

Pioneer @ Skyline Women’s Water Polo from 4/17, Wednesday, 4/18 at 8pm

Ann Arbor Inclusive – Interview with James Murtha from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Friday, 4/20 at 5:30pm

Road to Recovery – Treatment 101: Finding Effective Care, Tuesday, 4/17 at 9pm

Ann Arbor Shield, U of M Greek Life Assist Dir Chris DeEulis discusses the fundamentals  of the Greek Life Community on the U of M campus with Officer Paddock from AAPD. Sunday, 4/15 at 3 pm

View full program schedules at CTN Schedules


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