AAPS Link: Abby Ruehlmann, Clague MS English Language Arts Teacher


Abby Ruehlmann is completing her first year of teaching in the district, but has already made a big impact on the ELA team and students at Clague Middle School.

Principal Che´ Carter says her enthusiasm and deep content knowledge creates an engaging student-centered learning environment.  “She is passionate about creating initiatives generated by students,” he says.  “She has taken a leadership role as the facilitator for our student publication “The Cougar Star.”  “Abby is a great communicator with her families and students and exhumes positive energy and meets students where they are, while pushing them to be more.”

Read about Abby in the Jo Mathis (AAPS District News Editor) exceptional teacher series: http://news.a2schools.org/abby-ruehlmann-clague-middle-school-english-language-arts-teacher/


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