Impressive formula: Slauson places 15th at National Science Olympiad, wins DuPont Award


Slauson Middle School headed to the National Science Olympiad Competition in Colorado and had to exceed even their wildest expectations. The event, held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., May 18-19, featured the very best science teams in the country.

Slauson finished 15th in the country – about 8,000 schools had Science Olympiad teams – and also brought home the prestigious DuPont Team Enterprise Award (Division B). Their showing was an amazing accomplishment for the Ann Arbor school.

The DuPont Team Enterprise Award is presented for the best overall performance by a team outside of the top 10 that had not attended the previous year’s National Tournament. The award recognizes a breakthrough performance by a Science Olympiad team exhibiting the hard work required to not only make it to the national competition, but to succeed at a high level.

Taking 15th out of 8,000 teams is certainly succeeding at a high level.

Slauson earned the following awards:

* First place Write It Do It – Aditi & Linda

* Fourth place Roller Coaster – Oskar & Ire

* Fourth place Microbe Mission – Tushaar & Avi

* Sixth place Meteorology – Katy & Sakthi

* Sixth place Optics – Oskar & Liana

The National Championships featured 59 other teams from all over the country. The National Science Olympiad organization creates a rule book for 23 Division B (Middle School) events annually. Schools registered with their state organizations receive the rules, and teams of 15 students are permitted to compete at competitions.

This was the first trip to Nationals for an Ann Arbor school since 1992.

Slauson qualified for the National Competition by taking first place in the Science Olympiad State Championship on April 28. Science Olympiad is a state and national organization devoted to increasing student enthusiasm for science through practicing and competing in a variety of scientific team events.

The state championship was held at Michigan State University. Slauson took first overall in Division B with 120 points after finishing first in seven individual categories. They were top five in 13 out of the 25 categories.

The categories included ecology, crime busters, battery buggy, hovercraft, meteorology, microbe mission, optics, solar system, road scholar, Wright stuff and source code.

The team is coached by Karthik Ganesan.

Here is the Slauson team roster:

Aditi Ganesan

Akshith Pulgam

Anna Kaganov

Avi Patel

Casey Jiang

Haesue Baik

Ire Odetola

Katy Bajcz

Liana Veerasamy

Linda Yang

Lulu Zhang

Max Janevic

Oskar Hanson

Sakthi Vijay

Tushaar Kapoor

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