School News: Covert Educational Services offers student tips for finals


By Kim Covert

It is the week before finals!  This is a week where high school students across the county are busy reading, writing and reviewing the information they learned all semester (or all year) to make this last test, the best it can be.  Here are a few tips to make sure your exam review can be as productive as possible.

#1.  Spend time looking at the teacher prepared review.  If the teacher provided a review, look at it.  These are the items that will most likely be on the test.  Don’t spend unnecessary time on items that are not on this list.

#2. Organize your notes, tests and class materials.  Doing this first will help you study more effectively.  Recycle papers that are no longer needed.

#3. Set a study schedule.  Devote an hour or two an evening to studying.  DON’T cram in all in the night before.  Reviewing material in chunks gives you time to go to the teacher and clarify what you missed.  Set a timer.  Reward yourself with 15 minutes of a break shooting baskets or having a snack before you return to studying.

#4. Get a place to study.  You will need a place free from distractions like the television or other electronics.

#5. Get additional help if you need it.  Call a classmate, ask a parent, review with the teacher or hire a tutor to review the information you need clarification on.

Covert Educational Services as several drop-in exam review appointments this week.  New students are welcome.  Email for more information.

Summer Reminders:

  • Sessions begin the week of July 9 and most end the week of August 13 unless other arrangements are made.
  • If you are not interested in sessions, but would like to order workbooks, we can do that for you.  Content based books are $10 (math or writing)  and Summer Bridge Books are $12.  Deadline is Monday June 11. Students attending sessions in the summer will receive materials.
  • Please let us know your vacation schedule when registering.
  • Registration for fall (I know, I know) will begin in late July for new students first.


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