Nutrition Expert & Health YouTuber Dr. Schmidt opens “stunning” new location 


Nutrition Expert & Health YouTuber, Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C., has moved his practice to a stunning new location. He and his 20 plus staff have relocated to the former Sun & Snow location at 462 Jackson Plaza to better service their patients.

This 5000 plus square-foot facility houses 15 treatment rooms, a far infra-red sauna and a state of the art conference room. Dr Schmidt and his five other health practitioners, will hold bi-monthly free lectures in this space and Dr. Schmidt will be holding weekend seminars and training to educate other doctors and health care professionals on his newest health discoveries.

Dr. Darren Schmidt

The location was given a complete overhaul with treatment rooms and administrative space added. All new floors, two extra bathrooms and an open floor plan waiting room.

“We wanted to have a space that matched our practice, and a vintage apothecary feel that matches our approach to healing,” said Dr. Schmidt.  “We have gone back to basics and learned the mechanism of chronic disease that was known prior to the 1960’s but forgotten in modern times.

“The old text books and nutrition books written by the founders of healthcare and health hold the secrets to preventing and reversing the major chronic health problems of today. We wanted this new location to depict that.”

Dr. Schmidt is no stranger to this area. He has been operating the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor,, since 2000. He and his staff have helped thousands of people from Ann Arbor to Australia to improve their health by addressing not only their symptoms but finding the cause of those symptoms and the mechanism behind them.

Addressing all three have made a huge impact on the results of their patients like never before.  Dr. Schmidt talks freely about this on his YouTube channel and has made a difference in many lives.

Many of his followers on YouTube have dramatically changed their health by just following his advice on his videos! He wants to see people lead a happy, healthy life without drugs and surgery. Many others decide to come to the office who live locally, speak to one of the practitioners via phone or Skype for an appointment if they live a distance away, or take advantage of the Nutritional Healing Centers own unique Travel Package, where they offer three intensives visits over the course of two days. They are currently helping patients from all over the world.

There will be an Open House on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m., where tours of the facility and introductions to Dr. Schmidt and his staff will be available.

The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor; 462 Jackson Plaza, Ann Arbor 48103



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