AAPS Link: Ms. Hammer the turtle has been classroom pet for 27 years — so far


Tappan Middle School science teacher Susan Baker has some company in her staff photo I.D.  Cradled in her hand is Ms. Hammer, a three-toed Eastern box turtle who long ago became the classroom pet.

For 27 years, Tappan students have gotten to know—and in many cases, care for—the brown-eyed, inquisitive reptile. In the fall of 1991, one of Sue Baker’s life science students found the turtle in the neighborhood near Tappan. The student said Baker could keep her as long as he could name her after his favorite musician, MC Hammer.

Read the outstanding article by Jo Mathis (AAPS District News Editor) at: http://news.a2schools.org/too-legit-to-quit-ms-hammer-the-turtle-has-been-classroom-pet-for-27-years-so-far/


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