Profile: Kendall Academy’s Michael Dutro helps golfers get their game on “track”


Most golfers are aware of the difference. But a refresher course never hurts.

Like heavy-set folks looking for the easy diet, golfers are besieged with quick-fixes, overnight solutions, gimmicks and gadgets that promise to drop the strokes and earn every player a PGA or LPGA tour card. But dropping strokes isn’t any easier than dropping pounds.

They never work – never!

But there is certain technology that comes along that produces results, maybe not overnight but eventually the scores decrease and the confidence rises. One of the latest and greatest is Trackman. And Michael Dutro of the Kendall Academy of Golf believes that Trackman is a game changer in the world of golf if used in the right way.

“In my opinion the Trackman is greatest breakthrough in the golf industry in terms of teaching the golf swing,” says Dutro, who is a Senior Teaching Professional, Director Junior Golf, and Director of New Business Development at the popular and highly-rated Kendall Academy in Ann Arbor. “Because there is no room for opinion. You either know what the numbers mean or you don’t. There isn’t a perfect robotic number that you have to reach every single time to be a good golfer.

“It’s about what the numbers mean and can show a golfer what they are doing wrong and right and fix the areas that are causing the golf swing to go off line.”
Still, Dutro says the Trackman is a “valuable tool” but it doesn’t change how he teaches or his students learn.

“It helps me identify what a feeling is for a student,” he says. “We are always changing how we feel but if you understand the mechanics behind what you’re trying to do then you can adjust and make the appropriate changes.”

The first thing Dutro wants to know from a new student is what are his or her expectations and goals and what kind of time are they willing to put in to reach those objectives. Everyone is not only coming from a different place but also heading to a different place.


“Not every student wants to be a club champion,” he said. “And not every student has the desire to go out and hit a 300-yard drive. Some students just want to hit it straight and some are looking for just a little bit of help with their game. But what I like to do is fix the problem and not just slap a band-aide on it.”

That’s an overall philosophy at Kendall – tell us where you want to go and we will not only help you get there but teach you the best way to get there. The Kendall Academy and Michael Dutro were recognized by Golf Digest as the Editors’ Choice for Golf Instruction in the State of Michigan. Only three facilities in the state received this honor.

“It’s refreshing when I get students who come in and want to create something and that doesn’t mean starting over but it means taking what you have and working with it,” Dutro says. “You don’t just ignore 50 years of playing experience but there are ways to use that experience and make it better. I try to address what the biggest problem with every student is and fix that and if they are happy with that, then that’s fine and off they go. If they want to keep fixing other things we work on them. I get some students who just want to fix this and that’s all they are looking for. I also have students who want to improve in every aspect of the game.”

Dutro has over 14 years of teaching experience. Originally from Kentucky, he won several junior golf tournaments before attending The University of Louisville and walking on to the Louisville Men’s Golf Team. He later graduated from Eastern Kentucky University where he was a member of the inaugural class of the Professional Golf Management Program.

Dutro doesn’t hesitate when asked what makes the Kendall Golf Academy a special place to not only learn the game of golf but teach it and be a member of the amazing staff owner Dave Kendall has put together.

“Dave and the staff he has put together include some of the best instructors in the game of golf,” he says. “In my opinion, Scott Hayes is the best golf instructor in the country. He’s ready to do some really big things. I’ve never met a finer instructor and I owe a lot to him because he’s gotten me to understand a lot of things. Dave is the glue and he’s an expert at finding the right people. This staff here is amazing. We are like the Baskin and Robins of golf. We have a flavor for everyone.”

Dutro says he’s the perfect instructor for the player who is tired of the games and just wants to get better.

“It’s the best drug I’ve found,” he says. “It’s not just teaching the game of golf it’s about building relationships with people and when they succeed you feel a great sense of accomplishment but you’re also happy for them. You travel the highs and lows with them but I sleep well because I believe I’ve done everything I can for my students to help them get better and accomplish their goals.”

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