AAPS Link: Community High’s beloved matriarch is still going strong after 33 years


The matriarch of Community High School is having a good day.

Her students were prepared for class and participated in a lively discussion. She had some fun conversations with co-workers. A former student home on Thanksgiving break stopped in to see her. She enjoyed a tasty lunch, planned a Friday night dinner with a few other teachers, and hoped to squeeze in some yoga and a bit of reading later at home.

That’s why Judith DeWoskin is always amused to hear rumors of her upcoming retirement or some version of the following:

“My parents say I better sign up for your literature class before it’s too late.”

While it’s a safe bet that DeWoskin will indeed call it quits one day, she is—even at 75—not planning to do so anytime soon.

Why would she?

Check out the excellent story, photos and video by Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor at: http://news.a2schools.org/community-high-schools-beloved-matriarch-is-still-going-strong-and-loving-it-after-33-years/


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