Local author’s new book Features Feminist, Gen X Heroine We’ve Been Waiting For


Author Patti F. Smith’s book, “Head Over Feet In Love,” will launch in the print form in February 2019. However, the e-book and pre-orders are available.

International publisher Soulmate Publishing of New York specializes in high-quality romantic fiction for the traditional romance reader or those who want something different. Smith has definitely produced a different narrative with this work. Set in Ann Arbor and highlighting local places and events, Smith’s book features a 40-something heroine who keeps moving forward, no matter how many setbacks her brain deals out to her—and that’s really a main focus of the book—that mental health issues are part of your life, but not the sum total. You can still fall in love, live your life and tell your story.

“I’ve lived with mental health issues my whole life,” Smith says. “It’s important for people with invisible disabilities to see themselves represented, particularly in love stories. I hope that people in their 40s can find a heroine they can identify with and root for.”

About the Book

Rebecca Slater is running away from a stay in a mental health facility, a writing career that never got off the ground, and a dying best friend. She has nowhere to go, but nothing can stop her—until she crashes her car into a tree, possibly on purpose, but probably not. Without a cell phone and in a strange town, Becca starts knocking on doors, looking for someone to help her. The only person who answers her call is Mike Riley.

Becca and Mike begin a friendship that neither realizes they need. A firebrand feminist devoted to all things Generation X, Becca shares her unique life view with Mike and finds an ally in the reclusive and shy man. Becca tells him her story and the pair falls in love slowly, and then passionately, realizing that two lost souls have finally found each other.

When Becca thinks Mike is dead, she impulsively runs away again, this time to a place where she thinks no one will ever find her. She prepares for a life without her true love, but committed to remaining mentally healthy and strong, continuing her story that she now believes will have an unhappy ending.

But will it?

About the author

Current special education teacher and former legal aid lawyer Patti F. Smith is the author of the author of two books:  Images of America–Downtown Ann Arbor and  A History of the People’s Food Co-op Ann Arbor  (and of the forthcoming  Forgotten Ann Arbor , which will also be published in 2019).

Patti is a frequent public speaker around town, curating HERsay (an all-woman variety show) and GROWN FOLKS READING (story time for grownups) and telling stories at Ignite, Nerd Nite, Tellabration and Telling Tales Out of School. Patti serves as a commissioner for the Public Art Commission and the Recreation Advisory Commission, as a teacher of history for Rec & Ed, as a storyteller in the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild, and volunteers for the Ann Arbor Film Festival and as a DJ for WCBN.

Patti lives with her husband and dog in Ann Arbor. She has lived with mental health issues her entire life. Below is a feature article written in the Ann Arbor community segment of Click on Detroit and Pulp, the Ann Arbor District Library’s art and culture blog.

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