Outside the box: Lessons at Kendall Academy of Golf is the perfect Christmas gift


Some of the best presents you receive on Christmas morning don’t fit under the tree – and we aren’t talking about the one parked in the driveway. And some of the best presents you can’t wrap – and we aren’t talking about plane tickets to Hawaii.

And some of the best presents you open up every time you tee it up – and YES we are talking about the great game of golf.

While there is nothing wrong with a new set of irons or a Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver, giving the gift of golf during the holidays can come in the form of helping the golf fanatic in your life get better – and isn’t that the goal. A series of lessons from expert and knowledgeable teaching professionals will do more to lower those scores than a new set of irons or even Big Bertha ever could. The best equipment in the world won’t matter if you don’t know how to swing them.

Dave Kendall

So why not put the Kendall Academy of Golf under the tree?

The Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf is considered one of the top teaching facilities in the country and it is right here in Ann Arbor. And the winter time is a great time to learn the basics for beginners or work on specifics for more experienced golfers.

Dave Kendall, the owner and founder of Kendall Academy, has seen the pattern play out often during his long and acclaimed teaching career. “So many times golfers put their clubs away in the fall, pick them up in the spring, spend the summer getting back to where they left off in the fall and then repeat the process the next season,” he said.

Let’s end the pattern here and now.

“Off-season lessons are designed to have you start in the spring better than you left off in the fall,” Kendall says. “Improving skill and concept does wonders for a player’s confidence and score.”

Michael R. Dutro

During the holiday season, Kendall Academy offers two Super Specials: No. 1 Purchase a Package of 4 and you get 6 – assuming all 6 are completed by the end of 2019.

For those who would appreciate the benefits of Winter Lessons: No. 2 Purchase a Package of 3 lessons and you get 4 – however if you complete 5 lessons by the end of March, the fifth is also FREE.

The incredible group of coaches at Kendall Academy take great pride in their ability to work well with each other and learn from each other for the benefit of all of their students.

One of those coaches is Michael R. Dutro.

“We are always trying to get students to come in during the winter, it is the best time to make real and lasting change to your swing because you aren’t worrying about having to perform on the golf course right now,” Dutro says. “If you really want to make changes the best plan is to find an instructor who is available and come up with some goals and start working towards them.”

For more information about Kendall, their excellent instructors and prices for lessons, log onto www.kendallacademyofgolf.com/



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