Coming Friday Night: Skyline’s “Get Hype” is a ‘Rosy’ Show


Dan Kennedy wants you to know something about Skyline’s upcoming fourth annual production of Get Hype, a collection of the best songs and scenes from various stage shows.

“You get all of the roses and none of the thorns,” says Kennedy, a 2018 Skyline graduate and current Overlin College student who is returning to act as musical director for Get Hype. “It’s a mishmash of different show tunes and themes, and because it’s the best of the best, every song and every scene is a lot of fun.

“It’s a really cool format.”

Get Hype will be performed Friday, Jan. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in Skyline’s auditorium. Admission is $10 for students and $15 for adults.

The show has grown by leaps and bounds from the first production in 2016, both in popularity and in performers’ participation.

Profile: Skyline’s Emma Throm Excited For Solo In Friday’s Get Hype:

“We had about 20 students that first year and have more than doubled the number of participants (this year),” said Brodie H. Brockie, director for Get Hype. “We have so many talented students and this is a wonderful showcase for their various abilities.

“We’ve got singing, dancing, dramatic acting, comedy, stage combat, instrumentation, beat boxing, puppeteering and more.”

Brockie and the students selected the pieces being featured, which are made up of predominantly up-beat and comedic numbers, with a few dramatic and somber moments to round out the show. Selections include classics such as from CabaretMy Fair Lady and West Side Story, to modern hits like Hamilton. A few lesser-known moments will come from shows such as Enter LaughingThe Capeman and cult classics such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

One of the more dramatic numbers will come from senior Beatrix Dergis, 17, who will sing “Telephone Wire,” from Fun Home. This is Dergis’ third consecutive year performing in Get Hype, and she says she’s just as excited for this one as she was for her first Get Hypeperformance as a sophomore.

“Oh yeah, I’m super excited,” Dergis said. “It’s a really fun show because of the great songs you get to choose from. I really love the song I’m singing – it’s a very dramatic song. I heard of Fun Home, so I listened to the soundtrack and “Telephone Wire” just stood out for me.

Dergis started in organized theatre when she was a freshman at Skyline, but she remembers putting on performances long before that.

“My cousins and I used to put on shows at family gatherings from the time I was 5 years old,” she said. “It was nothing too serious, but we had a lot of fun, and I guess it shows I was always interested in performing.”

All 40 cast members who will be participating in the 24 numbers are also quite interested in performing, whether they have years of experience, or are relatively new to the stage.

“In a show like this, you get various experience levels, which makes it a lot of fun in rehearsals,” says Kennedy, who is on a month-long break from Overlin College, which gives him time to work with the Get Hype performers. “I have to come up with different ways of teaching and explaining. It’s a challenge, but it’s fun.”

A major difference for the participants in Get Hype, as opposed to a regular stage play, is the amount of time in the spotlight. Whereas there are just a couple of “headliners” in a regular production, Get Hype gives everyone a chance to take center stage.

“We have 40 students performing throughout the night and each of them get at least a moment in the spotlight,” said Brockie. “We have so much talent at Skyline and this format gives everyone a chance to shine.”

In addition to Brockie’s direction, the show is produced by Skyline Troupe leader Anne-Marie Roberts.

Kennedy, who was in choir, musical theatre and Acapella in his days at Skyline, is a big proponent of music and theatre and encourages students to give it a try.

“The worse thing that can happen is you can miss a note,” he says. “There are people of all skill sets who enjoy (participating in) music and theatre.

“It’s all about having fun and being part of something larger than yourself.”


The cast for Get Hype includes: Alex Tistle, Evie Glaves, Elena Schroeder,  Emma Throm, Beatrix Dergis, Ally Lawson, Thor Clarke, Jake Tabatowski-Bush, Ben Bower, Marcellin Barbeau, J Barbeau, Isabella Preissle, Kateryna Khalip, Sophie Reznick,  Camille Schuster, Mallory Beatty, Lily Ohye, Luka Scholz, Sarah Wajdi, Claire deVries, Nate Frison, Jameson Fitzsimmons, Jay Douglas, Savanna Cowley, Jalen Steudle, Laila Krugman,  Radha Selassie, Alice Keeling, Allison Greenfield, Lily Nordenbrock, Claire Nicholas, Lucy Scherz, Noah Spranger, Anneka Billick, McKinna Williams, Alex Cantu and Olivia Miner.



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