Profile: Katie Pascoe helping the Pioneers skate on solid ice


Lea Arend knows the difference between hockey and football – but every team, regardless of the sport, needs a quarterback. And the Pioneer hockey coach has a pretty good “quarterback” leading her girls’ hockey team.

“Katie is a quarterback on the ice,” says Arend. “She has been an impact player for us on and off the ice. She is able to make excellent passes that sets up her teammates for success. She is going to do wonderful things in the future and has had an incredible impact on our program.”

Katie is Katie Pascoe, Pioneer’s talented senior who is helping lead the team to another successful year. She has been on the forward line for all four years, including the last two plus at center ice.

She’s also a leader – aka, the quarterback.

“As a captain, I see my role as motivating and encouraging players during practices and games,” Katie says. “Additionally, I know that I need to set a good example for the rest of the team through my focus and work ethic.”

While Katie has other interests and big goals awaiting her, she is focused now on hockey and helping lead her team into and through the postseason.

“The most obvious goal is to win the state championship,” she says. “We definitely have the potential, it all just comes down to motivation and work ethic. Personally, I would like to feel like I have worked as hard as possible after each game, and assist goals from many different players.”

Katie says in order for the Pioneers to reach the “obvious” goal each team member must “recognize their importance to the success of the team and how everyone has the ability to impact that success.”

She not only plays like a quarterback, she sounds like one.

“Every single player needs to step up to the challenge and put in maximum effort all of the time,” Katie says. “Having an all-around solid team will be the key to our success.”

Katie started playing hockey when she was 6 years old. It was love at first slap shot. “I love that hockey is so unpredictable, because with that comes the ability to fix mistakes and turn the game around quickly,” she said. “Also, the feeling of skating is unable to be replicated; it is so freeing! When I first started playing it was difficult because my feet were unable to keep up with my head. My skating skills weren’t solid enough for me to enact the plays and skills that I envisioned which was slightly frustrating.”

But with hard work and dedication, Katie started making those plays and possessing those skills. She has played for the Michigan Selects High School hockey team for the past few years.

“I have always been involved in other athletic activities during the off season,” she said. “Whether it is playing sand volleyball in the summer, playing on Pioneer’s ultimate Frisbee team, or even just going skiing (snow or water), I find a way to stay active even if I’m not in season.”

Katie, the daughter of Beth and Todd Pascoe, has a 4.0 GPA and also played volleyball and enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee. She also is in the Foreign Exchange Club and Student Sustainability Coalition.

Katie already has some ideas about her future.

“After high school I plan to pursue a degree in environmental engineering,” she says. “I am still deciding about where I will attend college between The University of Michigan, The University of Vermont, and Colorado State University.”

Wherever she decides, that school will be getting quite the student and quite the quarterback.



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