AAPS Link: Claudia Parfitt, A2 Virtual math teacher is an “exceptional teacher”


Claudia Parfitt grew up in Breckenridge, Michigan, a small farm community in the center of the state. She is the youngest of four children born to an elementary teacher mother, and school administrator father. Parfitt was always good at math and loved playing sports growing up.  Both traits passed down to her from her father.

Once in college, education seemed like a very natural field for Parfitt to study.  A grandfather and grandmother, as well as both parents, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins have all been educators in Parfitt’s family.

Parfitt has been teaching math in AAPS for 22 years.  Her first 10 years were at Scarlett Middle School teaching 7thand 8thgrade math.  Then she spent seven years at Huron High School teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Senior Advanced Math.  For the last five years, she has been teaching online math full time with A2 Virtual+.

To read the rest: http://news.a2schools.org/claudia-parfitt-a2-virtual-math-teacher/

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