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The following is from the AAPS web site:

In the AAPS, we believe in a student-centered education that considers unique student needs, offers choices, and supports a balanced, healthy lifestyle. As well, we believe in the evidence-based findings regarding teen sleep that demonstrates how sleep deprivation may negatively impact students’ health, safety, and academic performance.

Over recent years, all high schools have moved to a common start time of 7:45 AM for the traditional daily schedule, and all high schools offer the opportunity to begin the day at 2nd period, which begins the day for students between 8:41 AM and 9:35 AM, depending on which campus a student attends. In addition, bus routes across the district were realigned to ensure that all high school students are picked up at 7:00 AM or later (previously these pick-up times began as early as 6:00 AM).

As we begin the scheduling process for the 2019-20 school year, we will continue to offer expanded options for high school students who may want to choose a later start time to their school day. For complete details about creating a course schedule with a later start time, as well as transportation options, please contact your high school counselor.

Here are three options for creating a later start schedule:

Enroll in an After School Class (post-2:36 PM)
• Students may choose to take an after school class, taught by an AAPS teacher.
• Class options will vary from school to school, based on student requests.
• Schools will publish a list of afterschool courses once student request sheets are processed.
How to request: During the scheduling process (mid-late March), on a student’s grade level request sheet, select ‘Late Start Time Option.’

Enroll in an Online Class through A2Virtual
• Students may replace their 1st hour with an online class.
• There are a wide variety of classes available.
• Information on class offerings can be found at https://www.a2schools.org/a2virtual
How to request: During the scheduling process (mid-late March), on a student’s grade level request sheet, select a complete schedule. Then, in May, a student should notify his/her school counselor with a request to take up to two of the selected courses as online courses. *Please contact your school counselor for additional information.

Enroll in a Community Resource (CR) Course
• Students may replace their 1st hour with a CR Course.
• There are a wide variety of options available to students through the CR option.
• Information on CR offerings can be found at AAPS Community Resource Department website.
How to request: During the scheduling process (mid-late March), on a student’s grade level request sheet, request a complete schedule of course. Notify your counselor of your interest in a CR, and go to the CR website (above) to complete the process. Once approved, please notify your counselor, who will adjust your schedule accordingly.

In addition to the above options, students may inquire about Dual Enrollment or Reduced Schedule
• Students may be eligible for dual enrollment or reduced schedule under criteria based on the courses they have previously taken and/or courses they may be taking in the fall.
• Student interested in dual enrollment or a reduced schedule should contact their counselor. Note: Students should consider if a reduced schedule would impact their post-high school aspirations. Highly selective universities/colleges may require students to have a full schedule.

Transportation Options Based on demand, high school students may have the morning option to ride a later bus (middle school route) to a middle school and/or to ride a shuttle to a comprehensive high school from one of five middle school locations, arriving for the start of 2nd period. As well, and based on demand, high school students may have the afternoon option to ride a shuttle to a middle school.

Request for transportation can be made via email to the following contact at each high school: Community HS – Ms. Rebecca Westrate, Assistant Dean, westrater@aaps.k12.mi.us Huron HS – Mr. Michael Sumerton, Class Principal, sumertom@aaps.k12.mi.us Pathways – Mr. Sam Stern, Assistant Dean, sterns@aaps.k12.mi.us Pioneer HS – Mr. Tracey Lowder, Principal, lowder@aaps.k12.mi.us Skyline HS – Ms. Alberta Britton, Class Principal, brittona@aaps.k12.mi.us Page 2 of 2



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