From Kendall Golf Academy: How To Enjoy The Game More This Year 


By Michael Dutro
PGA #TheWanderingLearner 

Right around this time of year, any day above freezing is a perfect excuse to head to the local driving range in search of the one thing that is going to make this season special. You’ve done your homework, got the gear, got two really solid youtube clips that are changing everything about your game, and little do you know, you are headed for the same disappointment that you always find at the end of the season.

Another season of, “this is the year I finally…”. I challenge you, yes you, the person reading this, to get off your ass (pardon my French) and take charge of your development this season. Actually put just a little effort into actually learning new fundamental technique, or getting some actual yardage numbers that you can actually replicate, or just go and make some swings. Anything you do is better than nothing, but if you really want to get better, you’re going to need a plan.

There is actually one way to swing a golf club the best, it’s called the most efficient way, and you can learn how to do it. Everybody can become more efficient, old, young, boy, girl, the golf ball doesn’t care. I challenge you to stop holding yourself back and actually learn how to play golf. If you want to play like the guys and gals on TV, then start playing the same game. You may be a great checker player, but all the really cool kids are playing chess. Become a cool kid and chase your dreams today, even if you don’t make it all the way, you’ll still be way better than you were when you started reading this.

I guarantee I can make you hit it farther and straighter than you ever thought possible. Stop telling yourself why you can’t, and find one reason you can, and never look back.

Read my reviews on Facebook (Michael Dutro Golf Instruction) and Google (Michael Dutro Golf Instruction) and see for yourself. Follow me on social media @MRDPGA to see golfers setting and reaching new goals every single day. Join the team, be the player you always dreamed, it all starts with a decision. Make it.

Michael Dutro is a member of the Kendall Academy of Golf team in Ann Arbor. With the likes of Dave Kendall, Paul Haase, Jim Yuhas and others, KAG has plenty of highly regarded instructors on staff who can straighten out your swing, get the short game in order and have you lining up that perfect putt.

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