Profile: Skyline’s Sonja Mittlestat is ready for the craziness to begin with “Noises Off”


Sonja Mittlestat will play Belinda Blair in the Skyline Theater’s production of “Noises Off.” And like everyone associated with the play, the senior actress can’t wait to take the stage and show everyone just how crazy putting on a play can be.

“It’s like choreographed chaos, and is so hilarious to watch,” she says. “I love how perfectly calculated all of the crazy and intricate mishaps are.”

That craziness begins tonight (Friday, March 14) with shows Saturday and Sunday to follow.

“Noises Off” follows the on- and off-stage antics of a mediocre English touring company as they stumble from dress rehearsal to disastrous closing night of their comedic play, Nothing On. Absolutely everything that can go wrong does. Yet, the show must go on; despite the catastrophe being played out on stage and the vicious antics among the actors backstage.

The first thing the audience will notice is the “absolutely incredible set.”

“The set is really amazing because it actually is double sided, and spins around for different acts,” said Mittlestat. “However, the steps are a little scarily steep – one has been named “the widow maker,” and for good reason.”

Mittlestat will be surrounded by a great cast of young actors who have put in a lot of hours to pull off such a fun and entertaining farce.

“The cast is a group of talented, amazing actors (and people),” she says. “They have all put so much into the show, and are so fun to work with. And the crew has done such a great job creating a beautiful set and props. We have all worked hard, but tech definitely deserves special recognition for all they’ve done.”

Putting on such a complicated show had its challenges, especially early on in the process.

“This play has been super difficult, but also super funny,” Mittlestat said. “The main issues were memorizing and choreographing all of the complex physical actions that make the play so hilarious. Then having to transfer all of that from a simple practice room to a two floor set with stairs and doors which forced us to rework everything we had spent so long on.

“But I’m so excited, because I know that all of the frustrations have been worth it.”

Mittlestat, the daughter of Kersten Gronlund and Mike Mittlestat, is no stranger to the stage. As a freshman, she was in “Charlie’s Aunt,” as a sophomore she appeared in “The Diviners and last year was in “Romeo and Juliet.” Outside of Skyline, she was in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

“Acting for me is a mix of fun and seriousness,” she said. “A lot of it is super fun, but a lot is also incredibly stressful. However, it’s something I always love to do, and never regret.”

Her next big performance will be deciding what college to attend next year after she graduates from Skyline. “I hope to continue to study acting, as well as English. For the short term, I just want to put on a good play, and have fun for my last year in high school.”

Skyline HS Theatre presents the funny backstage farce “Noises Off”

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