Profile: Skyline senior Jianmarco Barbeau is part of a “remarkable team”  


If you attend the Skyline Theatre High School production of “Noises Off” this weekend you won’t see Jianmarco Barbeau on the stage. But his work, spirit and talent is as much a part of the show as any of the actors delivering the lines.

A senior, Barbeau is one of the members of the crew. And every actor will tell you – in fact every one of them featured this week in WLAA have mentioned them – that they deserve a stage full of recognition for putting the set together, getting the costumes ready and the million other things that go into staging a play.

For “Noises Off,” Barbeau is the show’s student technical director.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” he says. “I get to oversee everyone and make sure things are going smoothly. The people who I have been working have become the most remarkable team, coming together into a hugely effective and supportive family.”

Barbeau says “Noises Off” is a “hysterical ride of chaos and laughs.”

“I love this show because it’s an incredibly well done story that delves into things that we in theater have all experienced to some level or another,” he said.

A show of this magnitude brings a long certain challenges for both cast and crew.

“We’ve had several challenges getting to the stage,” Barbeau says. “This show is notorious for having possibly the most complicated set of any play. Not only did we have to build a full and intricate house set, but we also had to build a large backstage set.”

Oh yeah, and the set had to be built so it could spin on wheels.

“We had a lot of snow days this year, and while that sounds fun, it set us back a lot,” Barbeau said. “We really had to pull together and work as hard as we could to get everything done in time. This school year we also lost our technical director, so Mrs. Roberts had to go back and forth between the actors and the technical department. This production has been more student led than shows in the past. Despite this setbacks, we are really proud of how it turned out.”

Even at 18, Barbeau is a theater veteran.

Among productions he has worked on at Skyline are “Get Hype;” “Charlie’s Aunt (acting); “Beauty and the Beast” (tech); “Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview” (acting); “Les Mis” (tech); “Radium Girls” (both); “Romeo and Juliet” (acting); “This Side of Heaven” (acting); “Diviner’s” (acting); “The Geography of Earning” (both); “Shrek” (tech); “The Drowsy Chaperone” (student technical director); and “Noises Off” (student technical director).

He also has done many other shows outside of Skyline with The Ring of Steel Action Theater.

“It’s absolutely something serious,” he said of his interest in theatre. “I do plan on working in the movie industry in an artistic capacity. I am also currently doing stunt work for films. I love telling stories. I love taking people out of their world and putting them into one we have created.”

In his real world, the son of Beth Barbeau and Christopher Barbeau, has been doing real well in the classroom as well. He has a 3.5 grade-point average as he heads down the finish line of high school.

“My short-term plans are to graduate and perform all summer long at festivals,” he said. “Long-term I want to join the film/creative industry and use the leadership, teamwork and creative skills I’ve learned in this program.”



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  • the young and ever so mature JianMarco!!! Great mama… I’ve known for over 25yrs…
    Also known Jianmarco since his birth…amazing growth… so proud of him!!

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