2019 Ann Arbor Han Mo Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition April 20


Chinese calligraphy has a long history as an ancient Chinese art form. This art form has evolved from oracle, Jin Wen to more modern versions such as Zhuan, Li, Kai, Xing and Cao Ti and has now become one of the well-known cultural heritages in the world.

Such art form based on Chinese characters provides a unique visual charm and effect that not only attracts artists, but also laymen who believe that the practice of calligraphy has great health benefits such as raising the awareness of inner self and enrichment, hence life satisfaction and enhanced physical and mental wellness.

In an attempt to promote Chinese calligraphy in the greater Ann Arbor area, Ann-Hua is for the first time organizing Ann Arbor Han Mo Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition (第一届安娜堡翰墨中国书法笔会)!

This will be a great opportunity for Chinese calligraphy lovers, enthusiasts and fans alike to learn from the local artists, to demo your own art work and flex your artistic muscles. Come one and come all! You will enjoy watching artists writing on the spot; you will have the opportunity to talk to these artists; you may want to try it yourself (but you will have to register for doing that in advance. See the registration link below); you will probably want to possess one of those pieces of art work; at the Bookmark table, you will also want to have a bookmark written with your name on it by one of those artists at the Exhibition.
What, When and Where:

The Theme of the Exhibition: learning, sharing ideas, showing your skills and continuous improvement

Time and Date: 1:00-5:00pm April 20, 2019

Location: 101-103-123 of Morris Lawrence at WCC

  • Other Logistics
  • Advance Registration: Artists of all levels, regardless of age, background, or gender, are welcome to participate in the writing session at the Exhibition. Advance registrations are required though which will allow the organizer to have the best estimate of art supplies needed.
  • Registration Window: March1 1st- April 15, 2019. Please use the following link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSev3bB4KB11dCdoaZxF1ttfvK1f71rW-sT4tyuO26MHS6c5pg/viewform
  • Based on the number of interests, registered participants are to be divided into a few age groups: children, adolescents, youth, young adult, adults and seniors.
  • To encourage less experienced learners of calligraphy to participate, it is allowed to write your piece using the method of “摹写”, i.e. you can use a transparent sheet to write out what is under; or, using that of “临写”, i.e. you can “copy” a piece of art work by writing your own piece while looking at the art work.
  1. Calligraphy supplies: all brushes, ink, paper and ink trays will be provided by Ann-Hua. If, however, you have a special brush you would like to use, feel free to bring it with you.
  2. We are honored to have invited some great artists from the area, who will show you their work and answer your questions; you will also get a chance to exchange ideas with them.
  3. Attendees at the Exhibition will be categorized into two groups, participants, who must register in advance, and fans who can come in to enjoy the “show” of art. Participants will be assigned into a group and a time slot when they get to go to their table to write their piece. Finished art work will be posted within the Exhibition for people to view and enjoy. If you love to take one home, you can by donating to Ann-Hua according to the price tag.
  4. The Exhibition is also collecting donations of their work from local artists, which will be on display at the Exhibition.
  5. There will be a booth at which Chinese art artifacts and art work from Ann-Hua’s donation collection are on display. Again, if you would like to take some home, Ann-Hua accepts your monetary donations.

10.Exhibition Bookmark Table! We will have our honored local artists write your name on a bookmark at only a dollar of your expense, which we believe you will cherish for a long time.

11.At the end of the Exhibition, we will host the inaugural convention for the local Chinese Calligraphy Association(Name of the Association to be determined at a later time)

12.Registration Fee: $5 for each registered participant; others for free!


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