Snow, ice give way to Michigan’s destructive tradition: pot holes


Warmer weather means drivers should be shifting their attention from snow and ice to potholes and other potential road hazards, such as faded lane striping and crosswalk markings. Accordingly, the city is shifting resources to address these issues as quickly as possible. In addition, problems such as street flooding can become more prevalent with spring rain.


Please report potholes on city streets via the A2 Fix It app or online at On freeways, freeway ramps and roads with an M, I, or US designation, please report potholes through the Michigan Department of Transportation at 888.296.4546 or go to and select “How Do I” and “Report a Pothole.”

Lane striping and crosswalk markings

Over the winter, plows, as well as the salt and sand used on roads, erode some areas of lane stripping and crosswalk markings. City crews aren’t able to fix these problems until the weather warms considerably and consistently, as paint won’t adhere to the road surface with cold or cooler temperatures. In addition, remarking too early will be ineffective if Ann Arbor is subject to a late-season snow or ice storm. Continue to submit problem areas through the A2 Fix It app or online at, and the city will add them to the list of projects to be done this summer.

Street flooding

Localized street flooding may occur because of saturated ground or clogged stormdrains. You can help prevent this by clearing clogged stormdrains on your street, if able. Please also consider becoming a member of the Huron River Watershed Council’s “Adopt-A-Stormdrain” program. If you see an obstruction that is too large, please report it via the A2 Fix It app, online at, or call the city at 734.794.6320Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


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