Living a Healthy Life: By Ann Arbor’s Dr. Sue McCreadie, MD


Three years after delivering our third child into the world, I wanted to feel alive, light, and full of energy again! I wanted to feel fit, fem, FREE! But instead, I felt an overwhelming sense of blah, stuck in a body that didn’t match how well I cared for it.

I was searching for answers and clicked a link at the bottom of a GOOP email a friend shared with me. That link introduced me to Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer, who kicked her back into shape and took her to a new level of fitness. Intrigued I bought Tracy’s 90-day Metamorphosis at-home workout program, followed it to a tee, and experienced jaw-dropping transformational results. (I’d show you the before/after pictures, but standing in front of you in my bikini feels a bit much.)

Having a guide and a plan to follow broke down my overwhelming blah into bite-sized chunks. I just had to get up and do the prescribed workout for that day, check it off, and get up and do the next workout tomorrow. Start. Complete. Repeat. Every day my body transformed a little bit more and I began to feel more fit, more fem, and free in my body. I felt amazing!

When I finished Tracy’s Metamorphosis program, I transitioned to her year-long program, but I couldn’t hold onto the results or that feeling. Fit, fem and free slipped through my fingers and blah returned. Frustrated, I pivoted.

To reach your health goals, having a guide and a plan to follow is key. This allows you to start, complete and repeat the program the next day. But what I learned from my Metamorphosis plateau is the importance of change. To keep reaching your next level of health, you must keep pivoting – after finishing a program, pivot to the next program or uplevel your current one.

3 Simple Steps to Reach Your Next Health Goal:

  1. Find a guide with a proven plan
  2. Start, Complete, and Repeat the plan daily
  3. When you plateau, pivot, then begin again

Without a guide and a plan, we tend to remain stuck. We don’t change much, we don’t grow much, and we limit our full potential. If you didn’t realize this already, you’re a gift to this world and we need you living into your fullest potential. Find a guide with a proven plan, start, complete, repeat, and don’t forget to pivot!

I pivot three times a year to push me outside my current comfort zone. As my current personal fitness trainer says, “This is life people. It was never supposed to be easy.” – Hannah Eden

How badly do you want it? How badly do you want to reach your next level of health?

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