72 AAPS students compete in national tournament in Orlando, capture several championship titles


The Ann Arbor Academic Games traveled to Orlando for the Academic Games League of America’s National Tournament April 26-30.

Seventy-two students from King Elementary, Tappan and Clague middle schools as well as Huron, Pioneer and Community high schools participated.

Five-player teams played games in elementary (5/6 grade), middle (7/8 grade), junior (9/10 grade) and senior (11/12 grade) divisions.

Ann Arbor teams brought home national championships in “Equations” (math), “Linguishtik” (grammar), “On Sets” (set theory), and “Propaganda” (rhetoric).

In the game of “Linguishtik,” Clague teams earned the top three spots in the country in both the elementary and middle divisions.

In the game of “Equations,” Ann Arbor teams brought home the Gold Thinker trophy in the elementary, middle and junior divisions.

“Don’t Be Haydn” from Clague was named the middle division sweepstakes champion for winning the four events listed above and placings second in the game of “Presidents.”

Clague teams “We’ll Be Bach” and “Treble Makers” won a total of three championships in the elementary division.

The entire “Don’t Be Haydn” team, Claire Zhang, Anthony Varkey, Simon Shavit, Catherine B. Li, and David Lee, along with fellow Clague students Varshini Kashyap, Peter Schwendeman, Timothy Wang, and Aditya Kaza, King Elementary student Tony Zhang and High School students Karinne Tennenbaum, James Xiu, Young Seo Lee and Will Panitch were honored as being in the top 10 individual students in their divisions.

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